Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find the answers to the most common questions that may come to your mind when you think of becoming an MRI Technician.

What subjects should I take in my school?

It would be a great idea to take subjects like Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) for it will help you in doing the degree.

My summer break is soon approaching. How can I prepare for becoming MRI Technician?

Summer breaks are actually a great opportunity to intern or volunteer in hospitals, clinics etc. It will give you some experience and also help in building contacts.

Is the job of an MRI technician lucrative?

Yes of course. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics MRI technicians earnings range in between $66,548 to $80,131.

Do I need to do the training program?

Yes. In order to get the certification, it is a must to take up the training program.

Does the role of MRI Technician involve heavy physical activity?

This job requires a full-time commitment and an on-your-feet attitude. The job may be physically demanding and challenging. These are essential attributes to actually survive in the field.

I am an outgoing person and love meeting new people. Will I get bored of this job pretty soon?

This job actually requires a lot of interaction with the patients as well as doctors. Since its a medical field you will meet new people every day, much more in comparison to any other desk job.

What is good to have to become an MRI Technician? Bachelor's degree or an Associate's degree?

It does not really affect you from becoming an MRI Technician. However, a bachelor's degree will only give you more knowledge because you'd study more. Technically, certification is what matters for you to become an MRI Technician.

Why is it important to have MRI Technician certification even after I have completed my degree?

Certification is the final step to become an MRI technician. It's the only way to assess and be sure that you possess the relevant skills to operate on MRI Technology and patients. Without the certification, you will not be called an MRI technician and be able to practice the profession.