MRI Technician Salary

Average Annual MRI Technician Salary is $73,142 ( US Department of Labour); usually ranges between $66,548 to $80,131, depending on parameters like experience, skill set, employer, location and working hours. There is a higher trend of salaries in metropolitan areas and private clinics rather than hospitals.

One can expect an hourly salary anywhere between $29 to $ 43, with a median hourly mri tech salary of $35. Like any professional in the medical field, the job profile of an MRI technician is not easy since it may include overnight, holiday or weekend shifts as well.

With the advancement in health facilities, there is a rapid increase in the life expectancy of individuals leading to a rapid demand for health care services. Thus, the Bureau of Labour Statistics expects the employment rate of MRI technicians to grow by 9% by 2024. With the increased demand for their services, joining the field of MRI seems like an extremely lucrative option.