MRI Technician Schools


Choosing an MRI School?

The first step before you choose any kind of program is to check their credentials. Most occupations have a nationally-recognized accrediting body to ensure consistent standards in the quality of education across the states. Before you even look up the curriculum of any program, first check to see if it is approved by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). ARRT is the world’s largest organization that offers credentials for radiology programs and are also responsible for administering the test you will need to pass, to receive your certification.

Are there any Online Program?

If you look up on the internet you might find blended programs for students. However, since it is such a hands-on career, it’s best to learn in the classroom with direct communication and instruction. Some courses such as anatomy and physiology work fine in the online format, however, don’t expect to find programs that can be done 100% online- or be very cautious if you find so.

Financial Aid Options for MRI Technicians

The cost of school is an expense that you can not avoid, however you can always make smart choices. Try developing strategies with your advisors that will help you pay for school while accumulating as little debt as possible. Don’t forget to look for a mix of federal and private loans, as well as scholarship opportunities.