Training Program

In order to get accredited by the ARRT, one is required to attend a MRI Technician training program scheduled for two years, with training conducted both in classroom as well as the clinical setting. Unless and until the training is completed by the candidate, he/she won’t be considered eligible for the ARRT test.


Technical Standards for an MRI Technician Training Program

  • Endowed with appropriate and sufficient behavioral and social skills in professional college and/or health care environment.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and clearly with patients, coworkers and other health care providers by use of English language and terminology of the medical field.
  • Capability to respond to patient concerns and questions and adequate explanation while performing MRI procedures.
  • Ability for effective communication with the patient and other health care staff while ensuring the safety of the patient, staff without impairing the performance of the procedure.
  • Expertise important vital sign patient monitoring.
  • View radiographic, MRI and CT images and medical reports.
  • Aptitude to review and select software options for selecting protocols and imaging parameters on computer screens.
  • Knowledge of departmental protocol for imaging procedures, the MRI examination request and physicians’ orders.
  • Operation of both mobile and stationary equipment within the examination room.
  • Transfer patient to and from imaging table, wheelchairs, stretchers, and cribs.
  • Adeptness in providing appropriate balance, gait and support to perform the duties safely risking the patient’s safety.
  • Provide strength to move and operate medical imaging equipment.
  • Physical agility to reach over the imaging table to check the positioning of the patient and placement of imaging coils.
  • Ability to stand unassisted for long time periods.