What does an MRI Technician do?

MRI Technician responsibilities are huge, more so because of the complexity of technology handled. An MRI Technician is responsible for taking detailed images of the internal body by using the procedure of magnetic resonance imaging. These images are obtained by using radio waves and can be transferred into three-dimensional images for the  accurate and complete diagnosis of the patient’s condition. Magnetic resonance imaging is used to detect problems in the body areas like joints, chest, brain, lungs and spinal cord.

The procedure takes around twenty to ninety minutes and is not painful at all. During this, the technician takes care of handling the patient in the right way to get the desired image of the body part.

In addition to this, the technician also maintains the patient records. The technician also goes through the checks and processes involved to ensure the safety of the patient during the procedure. During the procedure, some patients might experience discomfort or claustrophobic feelings. In such cases, the technician talks the patient through the procedure and tries to establish a rapport.

The diagnostic reports are then passed on to the radiologist technician and then to the doctor. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor decides the course of treatment of the patient.

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