Who should become an MRI Technician?

Choosing a profession in the allied health services is a very serious decision but a very rewarding one.

If you like being hands-on with your job and have an on-your-feet attitude, then this job is  perfect for you. It’s is quite flexible and not one of your common 9-5 jobs. Most importantly, there is very little chance of this job getting monotonous.

  1. You get to interact with a lot of different people (patients, doctors, nurses).
  2. Use complicated machinery which usually gets revamped in around five years and also serves a purpose.

This job also provides a lot of autonomy. Although, sometimes you may need to report to others. However most times you are left to your own skills and practically be your own boss. You play an important role in the treatment of the patients. So this job is also set to increase your levels of personal satisfaction.  Also, the best thing is that you can achieve a sense of altruism without the involvement of blood and other bodily fluids (sold here aren’t you!).

One of the other important reasons to become an MRI technician is the job growth in the field which is projected to grow by about 21% by 2022. You also have a vast amount of alternatives in choosing your place of work with annual salaries ranging from $66,548 to $80,13.

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